MOTIF ms-100

כשקונארד ג'ונסון רוצים לעשות מגבר טרנזיסטורי, יוצא להם ה Motif ms-100.

Motif amps are something of a collector’s item these days. Although it was part of the Conrad Johnson family, Motif took a different direction by focusing on solid state technology instead. The MS-100 was a big block power amplifier with 100W per channel in 8 ohms and 200W per channel in 4 ohms. By big block, we meant the chunky rack handles, 1/4″ thick faceplate, a large transformer housed in an equally large housing and big heat sinks on the rear. The design is so yesteryear when every other power amp would look like this but in the face of the current crop of power amps, the MS-100 actually look refreshing.

מחיר : 12,500 ש"ח.
מצב מכני: ללא רבב
מצב קוסמטי: מעולה

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