איכות וכח בלתי מתפשרים. 250 וואט ב8 אוהם של כיף.

הביקורות מהללות:

“Best of 2015 Awards”
-Home Theater Review- USA

“This generation of Nelson Pass designs is the best that Nelson and his team have created so far.”
Home Theather Review

“It has been my pleasure to experience the X250.8 as it was another great performer!”
Enjoy The Music

“It’s probably the best sounding power amp I’ve had the pleasure of using in my system up to this time.”

“With the X250.8 there’s detail, but there’s also texture.”
Part-Time Audiophile

“An amplifier that viscerally connects you to the heart and soul of the musician(s) you are listening to”
Connoisseur Corner

“Build quality is top shelf and the design has just enough subtle “audio jewelry” to delight the audiophile crowd”
Connoisseur Corner

מחיר : 28,000 ש״ח 
מצב מכני: ללא רבב
מצב קוסמטי: מעולה

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Monarchy Audio SM-70 Pro Amplifier

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