Pioneer S-3EX

רמקול העל של פיוניר בשיתוף עם מהנדסי חברת העל של פיוניר TAD.
Exclusive concentric driver with Ceramic Graphite tweeter and Magnesium medium, as well as dedicated aramid cone woofers. The cabinets, crafted from multiple layers of laminated MDF up to a generous 100 mm thick, guarantee absolute acoustic neutrality. They feature a baffle with a curved surface, the "Precision Curve", which aligns the individual speaker cones in exactly the right positions to ensure that all sounds arrive at your ears at the same time.
מחיר : 19,500 ש"ח.
מצב מכני: ללא רבב
מצב קוסמטי: מעולה

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